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Your book, your way!


Heart to Heart Publishing is a small company with a big mission: helping families become healthier and happier with quality reading materials and products. We are an award-winning independent book publisher with a team that consists of editors, co-editors, proofers, artists, photographers, designers, circular and Christian PR teams for marketing. We print paperback, hardback, and spiral bound books in locations including the USA, Canada, China, Thailand, Mexico, and South America. We help seasoned authors or first time writers; we also assist from manuscript to finished product and offer marketing/promotion after completion of a product. We print a myriad of books with categories including: children and adult fiction, non-fiction, specialty or trade titles, lifestyle, coffee table books, gift books & gift sets. We have over two decades of experience publishing our authors books while leaving them complete control and ownership of their books.

About Us
Physical Publishing

We can help you publish/print any size/style book you want. We do not do cookie cutter pricing. Each project is priced out specifically to the author's wish list. We have everything and everyone you need from conception to sales: Ghostwriters, co-authors, editors/proofreaders, illustrators, designers, printers, web designers, marketing experts, PR agents, and distributors.

eBook Publishing

Sometimes it is scary to think about printing hundreds or thousands of copies of your book, maybe an eBook is the answer you need. With some expert editing and design we can quickly format and distribute your eBook across any platform you can think of.

Audiobook Publishing

Audiobooks are the fastest growing market for books. We have the teams in place to help you narrate your own audiobook, or cast a narrator with the voice you want. After expert editing, we will let you select what platforms you want to distribute to, from major platforms like Audible, iTunes, and Spotify, to pretty much any platform you can think of, including your own site or ours.

Full Service Publishing

Do you want it all? We want that for you too. We can roll out print, audio, and eBooks for you all in one go, pulling out all the stops along the way.


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-Bob Johnson

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