Heart to Heart Publishing is a small company with a big mission: helping families become healthier and happier with quality reading materials and products.

Who We Are
Heart to Heart is an award winning independent book publisher with a team that consists of editors, co-editors, proofers, artists, photographers, designers, circular and Christian PR teams for marketing.

What We Do
We print paperback, hardback, and spiral bound books in locations including the USA, Canada, China,  Thailand,  Mexico, and South America. We help seasoned authors or first time writers; we also assist from manuscript to finished product and offer marketing/promotion after completion of a product.

What We Print
We print a myriad of books with categories including: children and adult fiction, non-fiction, specialty or trade titles, lifestyle, coffee table books, gift books & gift sets.

Getting Published
Please submit all manuscripts to:
     Heart to Heart Publishing, Inc.
     PO Box 50644
     Bowling Green, Kentucky 42102

Be sure your contact info is on each page of the manuscript and allow 4-6 weeks for reply.

Disclaimer: Heart to Heart has standards of quality that must be met with each project.

Therefore, we reserve the right to accept or reject any unacceptable manuscript submitted.

Past Special Events

If you enjoy our books, and you're so inclined, please let your friends know and post it online.

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PO Box 50644 Bowling Green, Kentucky 42102
     Office phone: 270-526-5589   

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