Blue Dust Days

Author: Laura McGrail


6" x 9"; SC, 288 pgs.



Blue Dust Days

Author: Laura McGrail


6" x 9"; SC, 288 pgs.



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The Heart

Author: Peter O. Knight

e-book 340 pgs., 


It's Okay to Be Different
By: Risa Peets
Illustrator: Gary Sanchez

e-books, 136 pgs.


   Raised in West Virginia’s humble coal mining community, Gerald Morris now lives in Washington D.C. and is highly successful in all of the areas that matter. Education. Career. And marriage. Wholeheartedly in love with his wife Eleanor-a revered attorney with enticing good looks and a magnetic personality-Gerald couldn’t be happier. Then a crisis occurs and he discovers Eleanor’s darkest secrets, ones so troubling they threaten to change everything he’s ever believed.
   When Eleanor’s health crashes and she is forced to withstand a heart transplant, Gerald finds and begins reading her personal journal. Re-living their life together through Eleanor’s shocking revelations propels Gerald onto an impossibly challenging spiritual journey that no good man as faithful as he should ever have to imagine.

“What is it about being different that has Lance feeling so weird??? Lance is a diabetic, and he is about to learn a lesson in school on how important being different really is!

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Tabernacle

By: Dianne Ellis


216 pgs, color illustrations

e-book $19.95

The beauty of God’s Word is in the depth you will find as you dig for the gold that is hidden beneath its surface.  Allow the Candlestick to light your path and the Table of Shewbread to feed your spirit. As you worship at the Golden Altar of Incense let your prayers ascend to our Holy God.  Be thankful for the Mercy Seat that covers the Law hidden in the Art of the Covenant.


Blue Dust Days Instructional Guide

By: Megan Durham 



Alexander and the Great Berry Patch

By: Linda J. Hawkins

e-book, 40 pgs. 


School has ended! Summer is ahead...what's next? Alexander gets a job at Mr. Ray's Berry Patch. The Berries are determined to help Alexander learn some fun facts. Alexander is equally determined to ignore the talkative and pesky little Berries. He thinks learning is just for school time-not summer time...see how Alexander handles his summer days. Those juicy little berries may help you find learning to be exciting and fun!

These activity books  were designed for parents and educators to use in conjunction with the Alexander books. See the descriptions below. They are $1.99 each.

This instructional guide contains a variety of resources to aid in the study of the novel Blue Dust Days. It incorporates standard-based unit and chapter lesson ideas, multiple instructional strategies that range from upper elementary through middle school, and cross-curricular lessons that tie directly to the novel. In addition, the guide contains printable, downloadable resources for use in the classroom.


The instructional guide was created by Megan Durham, who is an English/Language Arts Writing Specialist who teaches third, fourth, and fifth grade students. Ms. Durham's credentials include B.S. Elementary Education, M.S.E. School Administration, and Ed.S. Educational Administration. She is also an adjunct university professor of future elementary teachers.

Activity Book


This booklet has a lot of fun activites that will enable you to help your young learners to make nutritious choices. File format PDF, 18 pages.


Lesson Plans


This booklet contains lessons plans to help students reflect on the lessons Alexander shares with them. File format PDF,  20 pages.


Coloring Book


This booklet contains several coloring pages. File format PDF, 21 pages.

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