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Alexander and the Great Food Fight

Author: Linda J. Hawkins

Illustrator: Jennifer D. Bowles


Hardback, 8 1/2x 11";

40 pgs., $19.99

Alexander is looking for a snack that tastes great. His friends, the fruit in the basket on the kitchen table, want him to eat snacks good for his body. With so many delicious choices, what should Alexander do?



School has ended! Summer is ahead...what's next? Alexander gets a job at Mr. Ray's Berry Patch. The Berries are determined to help Alexander learn some fun facts. Alexander is equally determined to ignore the talkative and pesky little Berries. He thinks learning is just for school time-not summer time...see how Alexander handles his summer days. Those juicy little berries may help you find learning to be exciting and fun!

Alexander and the Great Berry Patch

Author: Linda J. Hawkins

Illustrator: Donna Eaves


Hardback, 8 1/2x 11"; 40 pgs., $19.99



Alexander and the Great Vegetable Feud

Author: Linda J. Hawkins

Illustrator: Jennifer D. Bowles


Hardback, 8 1/2x 11"; 40 pgs., $19.99

Bullies Beware!

Author: Pat Day Bivins

Illustrators: Mona Larkins, Jan Anderson


Hardback, 8 1/2x 11"; 40 pgs., $16.95


Alexander accidentally kicks a ball into his neighbor's vegetable garden. As he retrieves the ball, he comments, "I hate vegetables." Suddenly, they all come to life and start arguing about who is the most nutritious for growing a strong and healthy body. Find out how Alex discovers that he is the winner of the vegetable feud. DOWNLOADABLE COLORING SHEETS AVAILABLE ON THE RESOURCE PAGE!

   Through creative storytelling and captivating art illustrations, Bullies Beware! shows children that they can face their fears and stand up to any bully with God, their Protector, beside them.
   Bullies Beware! is an adorable tale combining fact with fiction, a unique style of story-writing where the author Pat Day-Bivins has creatively woven two stories into one. This style of writing incorporates a recognizable Bible story into a delightful one that involves a much loved animal delivering a valuable lesson for children. This successful style is found in her earlier titles, The Rabbit and the Promise Sign and Little Tom Meets Mr. Jonah.

   Read Bullies Beware! and enjoy this story about the loveable basset hound, Jake, and his friend "The Boy". Discover how they encounter and conquer their bullies with exciting adventures. This book will be loved by children and generations to come.

The Cottage Porch Stories
Author: Roschelle Ridenhour

Hardback, 6x9"; 166 pgs., $12.99

Bouncer & Friends
Author: Bev R. Chambers

Illustrator: Trudy O. McConnell

Hardback, 7.5 x 7.5"; 38 pgs., $14.99

Bouncer and Friends will take you and your child on a fairy tale journey. It allows children to see that differences make our lives interesting and that we can love one another. Each animal has a unique interest. They live within a caring community near Mr. Farmer displaying human characteristics. Though these animals are different, they still show one another kindness.


  These 12 short stories will captivate you as you read about Aunt Mattie and what was in her journal, Addison’s great love Libby, Ms. Martha and why she was buried under an oak tree. If you can still see your Grandmother sitting in a church pew with her favorite hat on or if you have ever stood on a front porch and watched the love of your life drive away…..forever, then The Cottage Porch Stories is a must read for you

   Ladies, no matter what age you are the characters on these pages will draw you in whether you only have a few minutes available while waiting for an appointment or you have a leisurely afternoon ahead of you. These parables will parallel your own life journey as you draw upon the joys and sorrows of others to better understand your own.

Can You Love Too Much?
Author: Frank Smothers
Co-Author: Rachelle Siebert

Hardback, 8.5 x 8.5"; 56 pgs., $7.99


Emma of Winds
Authors: Rachel Anne Hemsley, April S. Yingling

Hardback, 6x 9"; 124 pgs., 


     “A timeless true story of love.”
             ~ William Anderson Lovell III, CIC

     “Forrest Gump” and “Love Story” cross paths in this intriguing tale of courtship, culminating in marraige. Living over 2,200 miles apart when introduced, Frank and Runelle take us on a 48 year journey illustrating how patience, persistence, devotions, and faith can overcome any obstacle in a relationship. A must read, old-school romance that is almost unimaginable in today’s High Tech, Cyber-space world. The Smothers prove that True Love is timeless . . .
             ~ Thomas J. Blaha, Attorney at Law

Catering to Children
Author: Linda J. Hawkins

Photos: Barbara Yonts


Hardback, 8.5 x 8.5", 56 pgs., $19.99

1697...Pirates mercilessly terrorize the Seven Seas, despite the English Embassy's attempts to stop them. Yet in the midst of all these foul, adventure-thirsty cutthroats, one pirate stands out. Her parents having been killed as outlaws, Emma has been raised by pirates. Now eighteen years old and the captain of her own ship, Emma's own adventures are thrilling, but unorthodox. With Heflan, an eccentric Embassy sheriff, constantly on her trail, things seem to get worse when his nephew, Ben, lies his way onto her ship. And when a mysterious treasure map is found, leading to a "treasure from Heaven", will Emma be able to outrun the dangers of being a pirate...while falling in love?


This book contains a volume of tea information, from hosting a tea party to etiquette tips. It has a primer on tea history and interesting party games. The health benefits of tea are described and the simple steps to brew a post of tea will insure a successful tea party for any host or hostess. The beautiful photographs capture not only the fun of children at a tea party, but some of the treats from the many recipes that will help you create the cherished memories of tea parties to come.

Goodie Two Shoes
Author: Natalie B. Hughes

Illustrator: Mona Larkins


Hardback, 7 x 7"; 32 pgs., 



Have you ever wondered why your body needs vitamins and why natural foods are so good for you? This book provides the answers! From vitamin A to K, children will learn how vitamins benefit the body and the foods in which they are found. The vibrant illustrations, search and find activities, and food chart in this book will have children discovering and identifying nutritious whole foods. Additional information on vitamins and simple questions are offered at the end of the book to facilitate and encourage discussion on food and nutrition with children. This book presents a fun and captivating approach to promoting healthy eating.

Did You Eat Your Vitamins Today?
Author: Ena Sabih

Illustrator: Alfredo Escobar


Hardback, 8x 8"; 40 pgs., 


   The tale of Goodie Two Shoes, from new and shiny to worn and tossed aside, mirrors our own experiences with rejection. Follow Goodie on a magical journey of hope and second chances.

Hidden Heart Game!
   This story is written with love and hearts hidden throughout - some very visible, others are more difficult to recognize. Your child will count over 100.

Bo is a tiny bear left alone in a pocket of some hand-me-down clothes. This is his journey to find someone who'll keep him.​

Hand-Me-Down Bear
Author: Carrie Malinowski

Illustrator: Donna Brooks


Soft Cover, 28 pgs., 


The Unspoken Language of Fans & Flowers
Author: Linda J. Hawkins

Hardback, 8.5 x 8.5"; 72 pgs., $19.99




  In this charming and informative book the reader catches a glimpse into a past era when a lady's fan was employed to send messages of enticement, love, rejection, and more, without uttering a word. Flowers also imparted silent meaning to their recipients as well as how and when they were given. Imagine a wedding bouquet with flowers selected according to their meanings-a very personal tribute to the bride. The author has included an excellent selection of poems and quotes with a floral theme and a list of flowers that may be eaten.
Roses being perhaps the most popular of flower, they have their own chapter, and recipes for delicacies like Rose Petal Jam and Strawberry Cake with Creamy Rose Frosting.

  An array of other recipes will leave readers with mouth-watering choices, from soups to muffins and cakes, among others.
  Being a woman is a blessing-and a challenge. Juggling all those roles-daughter, mother, sister, friend, colleague, wife, and more-isn't easy, but with God's grace it's possible.
  Mrs. Hawkins wears many hats-one is found in this book- a way to relax, laugh, and provide enjoyment for all ages-loving the child within.
Her kindly advice is to slow down and "smell the roses" in this busy world.

It's OK To Be Different.
Author: Risa Peets

Illustrator: Gary Sanchez


Soft Cover, 5 x 7"; 76 pgs., 


Barbara Napier, a personable cross between Alice Waters and Tasha Tudor, has become renowned for her gourmet vegetarian cooking and organic gardens, and the warm hospitality she showers on guests at her rustic Appalachian bed-and-breakfast. Snug Hollow, an eco-friendly, 300-acre farm encircled by gentle mountains, where Barbara’s mouth-watering meals are served at a long dining room table adorned with candles and fresh-cut flowers. A secluded, idyllic retreat, Snug Hollow has been featured in such publications as Southern Living, Midwest Living, National Geographic Traveler, Frommer’s USA and Kentucky Monthly.

Hot Food & Warm Memories
Author: Barbara Napier



   “What is it about being different that has Lance feeling so weird??? Lance is a diabetic, and he is about to learn a lesson in school on how important being different really is!


The Heart
Author: Peter O. Knight

Soft Cover, 340 pgs., 


   Raised in West Virginia’s humble coal mining community, Gerald Morris now lives in Washington D.C. and is highly successful in all of the areas that matter. Education. Career. And marriage. Wholeheartedly in love with his wife Eleanor-a revered attorney with enticing good looks and a magnetic personality-Gerald couldn’t be happier. Then a crisis occurs and he discovers Eleanor’s darkest secrets, ones so troubling they threaten to change everything he’s ever believed.
   When Eleanor’s health crashes and she is forced to withstand a heart transplant, Gerald finds and begins reading her personal journal. Re-living their life together through Eleanor’s shocking revelations propels Gerald onto an impossibly challenging spiritual journey that no good man as faithful as he should ever have to imagine.

The Little Star that
Shines for Jesus
Author: Cindy Peak

Illustrator: Gary Sanchez


Hardback, 7.5 x 7.5"; 34 pgs., 




   The Star of Bethlehem has been a mystery to man for centuries: How could such a bright star appear just in time for Jesus' birth? And from where did it come? The Little Star that Shines for Jesus is the story of how God chose this particular star to play a major role in the universe--both at the very first Christmas and today.
   Just as the Star of Bethlehem shone to light the way for the wise men to find Jesus, we can light the way for others to find Him and glorify God. The little star reminds us all to shine for Jesus!

Ivan Becomes a Hero
Author: Linda Rosetti Brocato

Illustrator: Donna Brooks


Hardback, 11 x 8.5"; 38 pgs., 


Right Outside These Walls
Author: Jo Stinson

Illustrator: Michael Guy


Hardback, 6.5 x 9"; 136 pgs., 




Lili's Strawberry House
Author: Sahar Berjis

Illustrator: Gary Sanchez


Hardback, 8x 8"; 40 pgs., 


Lili's Strawberry House is an engrossing story aimed at encouraging small readers to eat their vegetables. Lili, who lives with her mom and dad in a strawberry-shaped house, enjoys working in her vegetable garden each day and loves to eat the vegetables she grows. With the help of her mom, Lili discovers the nutrients in her vegetable garden and learns who they help her stay strong. One evening at supper, Lili decides to make a vegetable plate to show her friends at school. Which of the many vegetables will Lili choose to make a special plate to show her pals?

   Tiny Baby Hillary the Hippo is missing! Neither Mother Hippo nor the other animals on the wildlife reserve can find her!
   But Ivan the Giraffe was learning that God made him special just the way he was, and he wanted to help. Silence lay in the circle of animals that gathered to help find Baby Hillary. Ivan thought, "What can I do?".
   Like Mother Giraffe, many of us reach out to teach and comfort a child with God's Word. When Scriptures touch his heart, Ivan becomes a brave voice as can any child who reads this classic tale and hears its message.

   Eighty-year old Nelly Katherine O'Claire recalls dozens upon dozens of memories of a youth spent on a small farm in Erin's Abbey, Ireland. She speaks of her mam and pap and younger brother, Liam, with a shine in her old eyes. Nelly tells of selling eggs, to Mr. Zill Whitney, a storeowner, and also a grand story-teller and family friend. He, along with neighbors and friends, could always be counted upon to lay a bit of lore in her ear.
   She finds friends in Onora, the fairy who visits her from the time to time, and in the sometimes ill-tempered leprechaun of Jasper Hollow, whose true identity surprises her when she needs him most. Nelly weaves tales of family and friends, of hospitatlity and happiness, and of deprivation and death into her accounts of fairies and leprechauns, and of Old Jack.

   She shivers when the Widow Stephenson warns Liam and her to beware of jack of Halloween lore. She shudders when the dreaded cry of the banshee warns her of the death of someone she loves. Along with laughing, loving and living come learning that death is not final and that friendship is to be treasured above gold.

Impetuous Norman is a squirrel with an attitude. He thinks he is invincible and a whole lot smarter than his parents. Even though he has been instructed to stay away from humans, his desire to obtain his favorite food, peanuts, soon overwhelms him and he ends up breaking the rules. Norman's recklessness has consequences that impacts hiss life as he struggles to get back home to his family and best friend, Cedrick.

The Story of Norman
By: Laura JK Chamberlain

Illustrator: Donna Brooks


Hardback, 7.5 x 7.5"; 48 pgs., 





Secrets of the Garden Path
By: Betty J. Manning

Hardback, 8x 8"; 136 pgs.,


   For many years Stream Cliff Farm has been a center for herb and flower lovers. The Civil War era farm has been in the same family, including the Manning’s grandchildren, for seven generations. As a matter of interest, it was raided during the Civil War by Morgan’s Raiders.
   In this book you are invited to walk down the farm’s historic paths to see the quilt shaped gardens in bloom and how the farmstead buildings are used in the present time. There are secrets of gardening and even tips about organic techniques. Also included is information about growing and using favorite culinary herbs.
   You will enjoy scenes of Stream Cliff’s Twigs and Sprigs Tearoom along with views of Stream Cliff Farm Winery. Recipes are given that use herbs and wines from some of the most requested foods served at their farm and recipes that have been demonstrated at the Farm’s Cooking School. Mrs. Manning even included much sought after secret family recipes and a few original creations of her own. Be prepared to feel inspired about gardening, history and cooking from this delightful book.


Snapshots takes you on a walk that becomes a journey into yourself, asking questions and making observations that gently awaken the spirit in each of us. The beautiful, artful pictures help readers to see what they may be overlooking in their own lives. The simple, sometimes poignant, often deep reflections have been called “spiritual.” Snapshots makes us aware of the goodness in life, no matter the stage in which we find ourselves. We are all, in fact, in the midst of our own amazing “snapshot.”

By: Susan J. Mitchell

Hardback, 7 x 7"; 64 pgs., 




Sweet Sister
By: Karen Vause Green

Illustrator: Mona Larkins


Hardback, 8.5 x 8.5"; 40 pgs., 


   Children of all ages will be comforted by this inspiring and beautiful book.
   The delightful story of two adorable sisters teaches in a sweet and simple way through powerful examples how to overcome fear by using God's word, His name, and His power through prayer. Sweet Sister Don't Be Afraid is a precious answer for any child who struggles with nightmares, night terrors, or any anxiety filled situation.

   One mother’s experience as she dealt with the suicide of her thirty year old son.  “I have depended heavily on my faith to deal with this tragedy in our life. I would like to help others in the same circumstances.”

   Maybe her way of coping will help someone else and ease the pain of similar issues. A book to share with those hurting from life’s pain and sorrow. May you find peace and hope even as this mother has.

   Psalms 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me . . .

Walking through the Shadow
By: Linda A. Shoemaker

Hardback, 5 x 7"; 100 pgs.,




My friends and I chuckle when we see how popular the shabby look has become. Honey, we have been doing it that way for years, not just because we liked the comfortable look, but because we needed the affordable look! It was called hand-me-downs and make-do's and, trust me, back then it wasn't so popular. That warm feeling we get when we see something Grandma once used, or that old leather chair that Gramps used to sit in gives us a sense of roots. Now, when families are scattered the vintage look helps us remember where we came from and where home is.

Somewhere in Thyme
By: Kathy Thiessen

Hardback, 8.5 x 11";


The Pointer
By: Linda J. Hawkins

Soft Cover, 4 ¾ x 5 ¾", 58 pgs.,   $2.99

  Linda J. Hawkins has released her first inspirational book The Pointer.  This little 58 page BIG book points you to the greatest book ever written, “The Holy Bible”.  She says “We have read many books that inspire, entertain, and teach us and even enrich our lives, but, “The Book” I am referring to can completely change an individual for the best make-over they’ve ever experienced.

  Linda carefully read the entire bible for one year to draw from this awesome book.  She will direct you to positive affirmations; help you to speak your own, as you grasp the most comforting and inspiring words ever written.
  The Pointer, can be a powerful tool, pointing all who read it to faith-filled words.  Hope and personal Spirit empowerment are the forefront of this book, which can also function as a devotional.

  They tuck easily inside a man’s pocket or a ladies purse.  They can be a voice of hope to the hurting.  Buy by the dozen or case to share.  Have one handy when visiting a hurting friend, neighbor, the hospital, nursing home or funeral home or use for jail/prison ministries.  This can be a small gift with great potential to serve and help others. This project is sponsored by several individuals and businesses.

Hope Island
By: Diana G. Hankla

Soft Cover, 136 pgs.,

Delanie Masden was an intelligent, well-educated, beautiful woman, or so people told her. She had a deep founded faith in God. "Then how. . ." she asked herself, "how do I keep getting tangled up in relationships with the wrong men?" Will it take murder for Delanie to find out? Or, will Hope Island give her that final answer?

When Am I Beautiful?
Author: Tonya Moreland

Illustrator: Jeanie Kittinger





Girls of all ages are told by society that they must look a certain way in order to be beautiful. In, When Am I Beautiful?, girls of all ages will be reminded that beauty does not come from the clothes we wear or the color and style of our hair. Even the youngest of girls will learn along with "Daddy's little girl" that they are beautiful ALWAYS, because God created them in His own image. Check out her website: http://www.tonya-moreland.com.

Jesus in the Olive
By: Christopher B. Saylor

Hardback, 6 x 9", gloss


You have heard and read about various typologies of Christ, but nothing as more detailed than His comparison to the olive. The author takes you from the olive tree, all the way to the olive oil, and then unto its symbolism with Jesus.


  God is quite busy creating the world. Can the angels help Him with the important task of creating the sun? He calls them together...all are eager to help.
  After asking questions about how it should be accomplished, they are ready to begin. The smallest angel is eager to help too, so they give him a tray of sunlight to pour on top of the sun.
  The smallest angels wants to do an especially good job to prove he can match the accomplishments of the older and larger angles, but he makes a big mistake! Will God be angry? What will He say? Will he banish the smallest angel from Heaven?
  Children will enjoy Joseph T. Charles' imaginative tale of how stars came to be. Donna Brook's enchanting illustrations complement the story perfectly.
  Parents and other caretakers will delight in reading this charming book to the little one(s). It paints an awesome picture of God's love and mercy and power to forgive and transform even a mistake into a blessing.

Why Stars Are in the Sky

Author: Joesph T. Charles

Illustrator: Donna Brooks


Hardback, 7 x 7"; 40 pgs., 



Because My Daddy Said So

Author: Chantel Easley

Illustrator: Jeanie S. Kittinger


Softcover, 40 pgs.,


Because My Daddy Said So is not just for children but for young adults and adults. How many times have we taken for granted that the person we see everyday knows Jesus? When I read the book for the first time I thought Bella was learning a lesson. But, I realized there is a lesson for everyone in this story.”


Author Chantel Easley resides in Mobile, Alabama. She is an RN that loves to help those in need. She does the same with her writing. She helps others make better choices, for their life. She is the mother of one daughter, Meshia. The words “Because My Daddy Said So” came to her during an all-night-prayer service at, Gulf Coast Christian Center. But, not until months later did God give her the actual vision for this title.


Illustrator, Jeanie Shanks Kittinger, resides in Bremen, Kentucky with her husband (Charles). Elizabeth, her only child gives her encouragement  and pushes her to reach for her dreams. Her art is a dominating passion in her life. At age eleven she won a county-wide watercolor contest. This small contest was the beginning of a life-long passion. Her work creates warm feelings of happiness as you share in her artistic ability in this book as well as others.


Under a Silvery Moon

Author: Diana G. Hankla

Illustrator: Derek Guyer


Hardback, 40 pgs., 


There are millions of children in the United States who have had one or more parents deployed overseas while serving in the military. These children ask many questions about what their deployed parents are doing and why. Under the Silvery Moon answers some of their questions about other cultures and the services their parents perform. We salute all branches of our military and the jobs they do to protect our freedom and the freedom of others.



Princess Pie

By: Michele Houston

Illustrator: Deb Barrett-Cutule


Softcover, 24 pgs., 


Princess Pie , Aniya, was born May 21, 2004 at 1lbs 8oz and 12 inches long.  After birth she experienced serious complications while in the NICU but as her great-grandmother use to say, "Thank God it is what it is because it could be worse." 


For the last 10 years of her young life she has endured severe Cerebral Palsy, vision impairment and persevered through seizures two-three times a week, 2 hip surgeries and g-tube for feeding.  Aniya’s mom said, "If Aniya can be strong through all of this, then I have to be strong with her and for her."


“Despite it all Aniya has grown into a strong and determined little girl and greets each uphill battle with a beautiful smile and a delightful laugh when she hears her Mother's voice." said author, and grandmother, Michele Houston.

Tooth Fairy

Author: Bebby Lewis

Illustrator: Deborah L. French


Hardback w/Jacket, 8.5 x 11"; 40 pgs., 



How He Touched My Soul

By: Donna Hix Bewley


Hardback w/Jacket, full color. 6 x 9";130 pgs.




How He Touched My Soul …will give comfort and strength to anyone facing challenges in their life. The author's style of writing will touch the heart and the content will stir the mind to see beyond a moment in life - to the God of life. 


Donna Hix Bewley a registered nurse, graduated from WKU, and

worked in the hospital OR for thirty-five years until she retired in 2012.

She started writing poetry only five years ago. How He Touched My Soul is a sampling of her collection of poems written with the Lord’s inspiration and joined with her own photography. Donna lives with her family in Bowling Green, Ky.


Any revenue from the book sales will go to Gift for Christ Mission Offering



Mary Ellouise doesn’t want to go to school, but, once there, she learns her class has a special visitor—The Tooth Fairy—who takes the students on a thrilling imaginary plane ride to Mother Goose Land while teaching them about taking good care of their teeth. Mary Ellen decides school can be exciting after all! With fun games utilizing your imagination!


Author Bebby Lewis is a Kentuckian. Bebby’s father was a local dentist; her mother was an English teacher and high school librarian. Bebby spent many hours assisting her father in his dental office and is a retired dental hygienist. Bebby also taught elementary school and was as a health educator for the Kentucky Department of Public Health. While working as a health educator she often dressed up like the Tooth Fairy and visited many elementary schools and day care centers telling children the imaginary story told within the pages of this children’s book.  

Molly Sue the Dingo Diva

Author: Jennifer Marsee

Illustrator: Donna Brooks


Hardcover; 11 X 8.5".



Molly Sue the Dingo Diva is a curious Jack Russell Terrier puppy who lives in the town of Marcy with Mother and Daddy. Join us as she discovers what makes her spots so special and unique. Why did Molly loose her spots? Will Molly Sue’s spots ever reappear?



One White Christmas

Author: Terri Smith

Illustrator: Donna Brooks


Hardcover with Jacket; 8.5 x 11; 40 pgs.


Southern Seasons

By: Linda J. Hawkins


Hardback with Concealed wire-O for special recipe use. Prevents spilling on book/or closing while using. 182 pgs.






Southern Seasonswith Memory Making Recipes is more than a cookbook. Kentucky’s own Award-Winning Author, Linda J. Hawkins has compiled a lifetime of her favorite remembrances. It is not your ordinary cookbook. There are ways to get everyone involved in creating meals and making memories that will continue from family to family. Grab a spoon, an apron, and a family member or special friend because the memories begin here!


Clip-Clop, Clip Clop

Who’s coming into our room?

Will it be hairy?

Will it be scary?

We don’t know-but it’s coming in soon!

Lots of People Wear Glasses

Author: Judy Mosley

Illustrator: Donovan Mosley


Softcover; 7 x 7"; 32 pgs.


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The Descendants of Owen Dogharty of the north of Ireland

Compiled by: Donna J. Hart


Leather Hardcover, 9 x 12";

1176 pgs.


$139.95 plus

$12 S/H

A great keepsake book!

Meet Katie. She’s a “big four”. Like any four-year-old knows, that’s when you get ready for Kindergarten. Something she didn’t know is that she would need glasses. But, who does she know that wears glasses? Lots of People Wear Glasses is the story of Katie and her journey into her new identity with glasses, and is for children of all ages who have ever struggled with feeling different. 


To place orders Wholesale/or

Retail call toll-free 1-888-526-5589.

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Tabernacle

By: Dianne Ellis


Hardcover; 8.5 x 11"; 216 pgs, color illustrations




Jack's Tales

Author: Lynn Kendrick

Illustrator: Jeanie Shanks Kittinger


Hardcover w/Jacket; 8.5 x 11";       40 pgs.



 A Great Keepsake Book!



The beauty of God’s Word is in the depth you will find as you dig for the gold that is hidden beneath its surface.  Allow the Candlestick to light your path and the Table of Shewbread to feed your spirit. As you worship at the Golden Altar of Incense let your prayers ascend to our Holy God.  Be thankful for the Mercy Seat that covers the Law hidden in the Art of the Covenant.


 Lynn received a donkey from the coal mines as a gift. This is a true tale of a remarkable protector and friend, Jack, a donkey. These events took place on the family farm in Kentucky during the hard times of the Great Depression. She and Jack were almost constant companions during her childhood. They helped her parents with all the chores necessary to make a living. Even after beginning college, she shared a special bond with Jack. She has never forgotten her twenty-nine years with Jack. And, today she still loves visiting a lovable donkey from time to time.



Author: A. Y. Hodge

Illustrator: Donna Brooks


Hardcover; 6" x 9";192 pgs.



Ben Beagle Plays

Author: Donna Finch Slaton

Illustrator: Donna Brooks


8.5" x 8.5"; 40pgs.



Three spiritually equipped kids meet their match when they collide with the Sleeorf in a terrifying battle to save a lander.  Join Mamma and Papa Harvesthand in the land of Sniffipiticus as they raise their curiously special children in a world that is being overrun by evil.

Ben the beagle lives on a farm, in a nice little doghouse to keep himself warm…So begins the rhyming tale of this happy pup.

Come read about Ben’s favorite play, Do you want to know how he ended the day?

My Sign's Bigger than Your Sign

Author: Autumn Stanley

Illustrator: Travis Shanks


6" x 9" SC; 96 pgs.




Childhood is the place where children one-up each other with shouts of "My dad is richer than your dad," "My bike is bigger than yours," etc. Only in this book, two adult guys shout their boasts at each other. Yes, competing but in an unusual way in the small town of Littleford. The surprise ending will have you laughing at the outcome. Would you like to go back to your childhood through a reading journey to Littleford?

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