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The inspiring and fulfilling conclusion to "Under Heaven".

One family's faith and one woman's journey to TRUTH.

The Jamison family is encompassed by strife. As Bella White struggles to make her place amongst her newfound family, the troubles and trials of the latter, nineteenth century invade their surroundings. The fence cutting wars and a far-reaching drought take a toll on the hearts of men while leaving their mark on the vast and compelling land of the Wyoming Territory.

In the midst of the unknown and the unseen, Bella begins to discover hope. She dares to dream of a future...until she is derailed and her past collides with her present . As confusion abounds around and within her, Bella blindly searches for the truth.

Bella longs for Seth Johnson's love as well as his respect, but the common ground of faith seems unobtainable. Will the truth work for her or against her? Will she pay the ultimate price or will she persevere with the help of God?

Above Rubies

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