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Hardcover, 8 1/2" x11", 92 pgs. Author: Megan McIntyre Illustrator: Donna Brooks Category: Children's Book, Children's Fiction, Christian Fiction, Educational Blurb: Iris is a missionary kid experiencing life in the Amazon Rainforest. With a move deeper into the jungle, her familywas met with many challenges as they farmed jungle sheep and filtered rainwater in a small jungle town. Removed from a becomingly instantaneous world, Iris is seeing beautiful fruit that can onlybe found in Jesus. Iris to the Amazon consists of eight, non-fictional chapters correlating physical jungle seeds and their fruit, spiritual concepts, and Biblical truth. The first chapter begins with a powerful seed effecting everyhuman’s life. As you read this book, you will see how you can playa large role in allowing good seed to grow in your own life byobedience to God’s Word. “As a child of the King, His veryown seed, you are meant to grow a garden. What fruit will you give to Him and what will you feed the world?”

Iris to the Amazon: Seeing the Fruit of God's Spirit through the Eyes of a Child

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