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Princess Pie , Aniya, was born May 21, 2004 at 1lbs 8oz and 12 inches long.  After birth she experienced serious complications while in the NICU but as her great-grandmother use to say, "Thank God it is what it is because it could be worse." 


For the last 10 years of her young life she has endured severe Cerebral Palsy, vision impairment and persevered through seizures two-three times a week, 2 hip surgeries and g-tube for feeding.  Aniya’s mom said, "If Aniya can be strong through all of this, then I have to be strong with her and for her."


“Despite it all Aniya has grown into a strong and determined little girl and greets each uphill battle with a beautiful smile and a delightful laugh when she hears her Mother's voice." said author, and grandmother, Michele Houston.

Princess Pie

SKU: 0029
  • Softcover, 24 pgs

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