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Hardcover, 10 1/2" x10 1/2", 200 pgs. Author: Linda J. Hawkins Category: Cookbook, How-to, Educational, Coffee-table book Blurb: All kinds of reasons for a Southern Seasons & Tea-licious Tea Time! An engagement, a wedding, special birthdays, baby shower, celebrating an accomplishment, open house, spring has spring, summer has arrived, butterfly tea with first a caterpillar sleep-over, fall has created a painted backdrop, (who can resist?) winter-warmth cozy fire side sipping, neighborhood celebration, homeschoolers serving/etiquette, classroom sharing , senior center pick-me-up ... get the idea? Theme parties are fun. This bookguides you through the fun with ease and grace. You will do your own tea partyand wonder why you haven’t done this before!

Southern Seasons with 12 Months of Tea-licious Recipes& Ideas

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