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These 12 short stories will captivate you as you read about Aunt Mattie and what was in her journal, Addison’s great love Libby, Ms. Martha and why she was buried under an oak tree. If you can still see your Grandmother sitting in a church pew with her favorite hat on or if you have ever stood on a front porch and watched the love of your life drive away…..forever, then The Cottage Porch Stories is a must read for you​​​. ​


Ladies, no matter what age you are the characters on these pages will draw you in whether you only have a few minutes available while waiting for an appointment or you have a leisurely afternoon ahead of you. These parables will parallel your own life journey as you draw upon the joys and sorrows of others to better understand your own.

The Cottage Porch Stories

SKU: 0052
  • Hardcover, 6" x 9", 166 pgs.

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