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PRODUCT INFO Softcover, 4 ¾" x5 ¾", 58 pgs. Author: Linda J. Hawkins Category: Devotional Blurb: Linda J. Hawkins has released her first inspirational bookThe Pointer. This little 58 page BIG bookpoints you to the greatest bookever written, “The HolyBible”. She says “We have read manybooks that inspire, entertain, and teach us and even enrich our lives, but, “The Book” I am referring to can completely change an individual for the best make-over they’ve ever experienced. She will direct you to positive affirmations; help you to speak your own, as you grasp the most comforting and inspiring words ever written. The Pointer, can be a powerful tool, pointing all who read it to faith-filled words. Hope and personal Spirit empowerment are the forefront of this book, which can also function as a devotional. They tuckeasily inside a man’s pocket or a ladies purse. They can be a voice of hope to the hurting. Buyby the dozen or case to share. Have one handywhen visiting a hurting friend, neighbor, the hospital, nursing home or funeral home or use for jail/prison ministries. This can be a small gift with great potential to serve and help others. This project is sponsored by several individuals and businesses.

The Pointer

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