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God is quite busy creating the world. Can the angels help Him with the important task of creating the sun? He calls them together...all are eager to help.


After asking questions about how it should be accomplished, they are ready to begin. The smallest angel is eager to help too, so they give him a tray of sunlight to pour on top of the sun.


The smallest angels wants to do an especially good job to prove he can match the accomplishments of the older and larger angles, but he makes a big mistake! Will God be angry? What will He say? Will he banish the smallest angel from Heaven?


Children will enjoy Joseph T. Charles' imaginative tale of how stars came to be. Donna Brook's enchanting illustrations complement the story perfectly.


Parents and other caretakers will delight in reading this charming book to the little one(s). It paints an awesome picture of God's love and mercy and power to forgive and transform even a mistake into a blessing.

Why Starts Are in the Sky

SKU: 0026
  • Hardcover, 9.5" x 9.5"; 40 pgs.

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