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Every angel in the Realm knows that the long-awaited Messiah is coming very soon. And they know because all the angel choirs have been practicing their songs of praise and adoration - they've been practicing a lot.

There's just one problem. The big event won't happen until Gabe completes his latest assignment, and he's run into a spot of trouble.

Will Gabe insist on making this special announcement the way he's always done before? Or, will he listen to the advice of his friends and adapt to the situation? With angels as witness to God's unfolding plan, what could possibly go wrong?

With Angels as Witness is a actually tow stories intertwined into one; the Gospel story of Jesus alongside the fictional tale of the angels who are observing, critiquing, and sometimes obsessing about what is happening to their beloved Messiah.

Scriptural references and discussion questions are provided to encourage readers to give new thought and curiosity to what the Bible tells us.

With Angels as Witness

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